The City of Goods Challenge
BVG | The Do School
During the Design Challenge initiated by BVG, the objective was to address the complex query:
"How can Berlin's public transportation infrastructure be strategically utilized to optimize goods delivery processes, promoting both intelligence and sustainability?"
Under the supervison of "The Do School", I collaborated in a diverse team by 23 participants from 13 different nations. Our mandate was ambitious: to conceive and develop three distinct ideas and accompanying prototypes within the confines of a single week. Throughout this intensive period, our schedule was punctuated by workshops aimed at enhancing team dynamics and problem-solving capabilities. These sessions fostered a collaborative environment conducive to identifying underlying issues and leveraging them as catalysts for innovative solutions.
Furthermore, our collaboration extended beyond the confines of our team, as we closely engaged with employees of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG). Their invaluable insights into the operational intricacies of BVG offered context and perspective, enriching our understanding of the challenges at hand.
In navigating this short timeframe, our primary focus was twofold: first, to cultivate a profound comprehension of the problem landscape, delving into its nuances and complexities; and second, to propel the creative process forward by generating ideas and approaches. This iterative cycle of exploration and ideation underscored our commitment to delivering impactful and sustainable solutions within the designated timeframe.
Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)

Design Challenge, Design Concept, Design Thinking,  Innovation, Workshop

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